BHEL Ancillary Units Software:

This software can be used by BHEL Dealers, BHEL Users and also by manufactures. Online filling of accounts can be done by a click of button. Material Return Forms can be printed easily. Sales Journal, Purchase Journal Reports can be viewed Date wise, Month wise and Year wise. Party wise outstanding (receivables) and purchaser wise pending payments (Payables) can be traced.

Bhel Software Screenshots

Material Management System

1. Requirement List
2. Material + DU Matching
3. PO Wise Matching Status
4. MIV Wise Matching Status
5. BOM Matching Status
6. Scrap Register
7. Recovery Met Offcut(s)
8. CP Not Needed
9. Cost Recovered Offcuts

Management Information System

1. Material Issue Position
2. Cutting Plan Pending
3. Offcut Register
4. Scrap Register
5. IMTV Probable’s
6. Further Requested
7. DE Needed Items
8. DE SAP No. Not Available
9. Pending Bills
10. Pending IR/DC/Bill Summary

Forms Available

1. Material Clearance
2. Return Store Voucher
4. Delivery Extension
5. Certificate for Extra Charges

Invoice & Dispatch

1. Delivery Challan
2. RSV Delivery Challan
3. AD/Outsourcing
4. 90% Bill
5. 10% Bill
6. Additional Bill
7. No Claim Certificate

Quailty Control

1. NTPC Certificate Of Conformance
2. NTPC Customer Call Letter
3. Customer Call letter
4. Liquid Penetration Inspection
5. Magnetic Particle Inspection
6. Heat Treatment / SR Requisition
7. Heat Treatment Movement
8. Radiography Testing Requisition
9. Shot Blasting
10. UT Requisition
11. Spectrogram Test
12. Extra Joints & Extra Cost (Rib Plate, Rest Plate...)


1. Complete Downloader
2. Quick Downloader
3. Purchase Order Downloader
4. Group Manufacturing Specification Downloader

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