Our Jewellery Software is designed to suit the needs of the retail & wholesale jewellery business dealers to manage their purchase, customer billing, bar-coding, return & repair works, outsourcing to local goldsmith, order management, stocks ledger management, financial reporting, receivables & payables reporting & many more day to day working.

  • Gram Rate Schedule
  • Barcode Wise Purchase
  • Bulk Item Purchase
  • Staff Wise Item Allocation
  • Sales (Barcode, Bulk Item, Old Item Purchase)
  • Receipt For Credit Sales
  • Stock Reorder Level Checking
  • Stock Out For Re Polishing
  • Stock In For Re Polished Item
  • Daily Stock Verification (Barcode Mode)
  • Item Report
  • Average Rate Summary
  • Purchase Summary
  • Bulk Purchase Summary
  • Sales Summary
  • Bulk Sales Summary
  • Old Item Purchase Summary
  • Stock Reorder Summary
  • Cash Balance Report
  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Ledger
  • Barcode Item Stock Report
  • Group Wise Bill Report
  • Receipt Abstract
  • Item Group
  • Item
  • Purity
  • Design
  • Gram Type
  • Item Type
  • Unit Of Measure

About Us

We specialize in small and mid-sized business management and planning, understanding the difficulties that can occur when operating your own company. We combine many years of experience and down-to-earth personal service.


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