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A Few Words about Payroll ERP

Get rolling with a cloud-based payroll software that's secure, scalable and maintenance-free. Make your employees smile with timely, accurate paychecks

we strongly believe in customer-centricity and designing affordable business solutions that speak for themselves. Every single product in our toolkit is engineered to make your life as a business leader/HR easier so that you can focus on the big picture and that’s what payroll management is all about.


Why Does Your Business Need An HRMS & Payroll Software?

Our innovative HRMS and Payroll software are easier, accurate and efficient to handle business. To drive your business with the right talent, you need to use our 560° HRMS & Payroll software that stores necessary information.


  • Capture complete employee details.
  • Manage full lifecycle of employee from application, registration, interview, selection, offer, joining till resignation and settlement.
  • Easy onboarding of employee by showing onboarding checklist of employee to HR and providing training to new joiner

Leave and Attendance

  • You can setup leave accounting for employee and manage them with ease.
  • Configure leave policy and automate the leave management process and save time.
  • Create multiple leave types.
  • We help you to configure shift data.
  • Lunch & Break-time can be configured department wise.
  • Use our standard policy for your industry.
  • Holidays can be fixed in masters
  • Capture real-time attendance data from 3rd party biometric machines.
  • Geo Location based attendance can be captured from employee mobile app and biometric hardware can be eliminated.

Salary & Payroll

  • Calculate salary details and generate accurate salary for each employee with configured defaults.
  • Process daily, weekly or monthly salary with ease.
  • Fix salary days and other configuration in preferences.
  • Define your custom payslip format and send payslip in email.
  • Calculate statutory (PF, ESI, TDS, LWF) info with 100% accuracy
  • Bonus calculations and reporting

Loan Management

  • Automate loan deduction based on scheduled values.
  • Deduct monthly advance and other deduction fixed.
  • Provide multiple loan and fix schedules accordingly.
  • Stop loan deduction or change schedule for a fixed month if needed.

Employee Portal

  • With our ESS portal employee can view and update his personal information.
  • View company policies
  • View holiday and important information about the organisation
  • View leave balance and request leave online.

Employee Mobile Apps

  • Request leave from mobile app and view status.
  • Send attendance using our geo location based attendance system, this can eliminate the need for biometric hardwares.

Admin Mobile Apps

560 Degree Solutions - Payroll Admin App is a cloud based application to view and manage attendance & generate payroll for small businesses with Multiple In-Out Punch can also be managed.

Biometric Integrations

You can easily capture employee time data from 3rd party hardware.

Easy Communication

Trigger SMS, Email & Push Notification Alerts from our custom apps.

Asset Management

Manage assets (Vehicle, Computers, Mobiles and Badges) given to employees with easy issue and return.

We get payroll done so you can get other things done

Request leave from mobile app and view status. Send attendance using our geo location based attendance system, this can eliminate the need for biometric hardwares.

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